By Elsie Kelly / Floor Water Damaged

Tips to Repair and Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are getting popular and preferred by a lot of people nowadays. Its natural appearance becomes a choice to beautify a room. This kind of floor is not cold neither hot so that it is very comfortable to walk on it even without wearing any footwear. Even though hardwood floors have great quality, it can still be damaged by many factors, such as installation mistakes or being scratched. This is why hardwood floor repair and refinishing is needed. If the hardwood floors are damaged, you have to perform hardwood floor repair and refinishing so that it can still be safely used and its beauty still maintained. There are many tips and steps of hardwood floor repair and refinishing that you can follow.

If there is any damage on your hardwood floor, below are the tips of hardwood floors fix and refinish that you can try. Do not be worried, these hardwood floors fix and refinish tips are easy to do.

Take the Damaged Hardwood Floor Off

The first easy hardwood floor repair and refinishing are taking off the damaged hardwood floor. Make sure you do not take off the undamaged part of the hardwood floors. Remove it by drilling the damaged part of the hardwood floor, then pry it. Also, remove the remaining adhesive glue until it is completely cleaned.

Replace with the New One

The next step of easy hardwood floor repair and refinishing is replacing the damaged hardwood floor with the new one. Put new adhesive glue to the floor base. Then, install the new hardwood floor which has matching colors in order to maintain the appearance and avoid a weird contrast. Insert the tongue part first in order to lock it, then hammer it until the new hardwood floors are completely installed.


This last touch is purposed to give a layer on the surface of the hardwood floors so that it is able to be more durable and more beautiful. Do the refinishing process with the same material during the first process. For example, if in the beginning you were using varnish, then use the same material to refinish the new hardwood floors so that you are able to get a matched result. It is really easy to repair hardwood floor water damage spot and refinishing, isn’t it?

Those are the tips of easy hardwood floor repair and refinishing. Are you ready to repair your hardwood floors by yourself?

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