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Tips to Patch Cement Floor to Fix Cracks

Cracks on concrete floor or cement floor might be not dangerous. But it surely ruins the appearance of the cement floor itself. Cracks can reduce the aesthetic value of your house. So, it is important to know how to patch cement floor. Cracks on the cement floor can be caused by various factors. For example, the material used is already fragile or because of other possible factors. No matter what causes are, cracks can be fixed if you know how to patch cement floor. There are a lot of tips on how to patch cement floor that you can follow for example here is how to replace subfloor.

How to patch concrete floor must be done carefully so there is no additional or further damages occur. Below are the steps of how to patch concrete floor that you can follow to fix cracks.

How to Patch Cement Floor to Fix Cracks

Start by removing debris which are released from the concrete cracks that will be repaired as the first step of how to patch cement floor to fix cracks. Use a broom or wire brush to clean the surface of the cement floor from all dirt and dust. Then, rinse the cracked area with water and let it dries. If the cracks are not really severe, you can use an elastomeric filler or rock filler that can be applied by using a putty knife. But you are also able to use a concrete vinyl patching which is applied on the cracks and smoothen it with a putty knife.

If you decide to choose a concrete vinyl patching on how to patch cement floor on how to fix wooden floor cracks, you are able to avoid applying a binding agent on the concrete or cement surface. Light cracks can also be repaired by using a factory injection kit so that it will be easy for you to apply and insert the product into the cracks. Do not only use a putty knife to fix the cracks because it is able to appear again. Use a brush to smoothen and mix the patch ingredients to the cement surface. You will probably need a finishing trowel and apply pressure to fill several cracks or cavities. This step will help to insert the material into the cracks and smoothen the fixed area. Use a finishing trowel to place a neat edge on the repair side and remove all of the excess material from the joint area.

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