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Tips to Clean Laminate Wood Floor

Laminate wood floor repair kit – Laminate wood floor is an innovation from several layers of materials which are glued into one. Generally, the forming layer of this kind of floor consists of a protective layer, main layer, decorative material, and transparent film. This type of floor is made of wood powder and pressed glue. This wood will then be laminated with the wood-patterned paper decor. Because there are many layers, laminate wood floors need special treatment, including special cleaning. Usually, laminate wood floor repair kit includes a cleaning kit. So, you are able to use it from the laminate wood floor repair kit.

It will be better if you choose high-quality laminate wood floor fix kit to maintain the quality of your laminate wood floors. Whether you use laminate wood floor fix kit or not, here are the tips to clean laminate wood floors.

How to Clean Laminate Wood Floor

How to clean laminate wood floor is just the same with other types of floors in general. But there is one thing that must be a concern is the direction of the sweep. Sweeping the laminate wood floor must be in the direction of where the dirt is collected. If you want a cleaner floor, it is a good idea to use a vacuum cleaner. Do not forget to switch the vacuum mode into a soft brush. This tool is more effective than a broom in cleaning dirt and soft particles. Or, you are also able to use high-quality laminate wood floor repair kit.

When you are cleaning laminate wood floors, there are several things that you must be concerned, one of them is the use of chemicals. Not all cleaning fluids can be used. One thing to note is to use a special liquid to clean the laminate floor. If it is hard for you to find this special cleaning liquid, you are able to replace with the mixture of vinegar and water. And use the cleaning kit from high-quality laminate wood floor repair kit. Do not use candles, acrylic products, or even bleach so as not to damage the floor. Mopping the floor also needs special attention. It is recommended to use two buckets as a container of water. One special bucket for the remaining dirty water, while the other bucket is for clean water.

Besides cleaning laminate wood floors, be concerned about repairing laminate flooring water damage and wood floor repair and refinishing too.

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