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The Ultimate Home Guide: How to Hardwood Floor Hole Repair

When it comes to hardwood floor hole repair steps, it might be as similar to the hardwood floor dent repair. The difference might be on the piece that you need to repair or replace. However, the hardwood floor hole repair may also require a complete replacement if the position is unflattering to the whole room. Other than that, wooden floor hole repair steps would require you to make sure that you patch the hole with similar wood or at least it looks similar. This is why in this article we are going to show you the hardwood floor hole repair procedure.

Repair hole in hardwood floor by doing the DIY project will allow you to save a huge amount of money. However, if you are not so sure with what you are doing then you may let the professionals do the wooden floor hole repair. You must keep in mind that no matter what materials you will use for finishing, it is important to test them in the first place. Before you start the whole process of repair hole in hardwood floor, you may try the polyurethane in another location.

Repair the holes to the finish

Basically, this might be similar to replacing hardwood floor boards but you will also need to coat the floor with wax in a light coating in order to minimize the scratch. You may also use a soft cloth to apply the coat. Do not forget to immediately wipe off the excess buff and way from the floor. For an easier coating application on wooden floor hole repair, you may use a touch-up polyurethane kit. You can follow the instruction inside the box for the best practice and result. It is important to remove any residue of oil, grease, and other stains by using a damp cloth.

When it comes to the replacement stage, you will need to drill a one-inch hole on each end of the damaged plank. A spade bit will drill the wood well but make sure that you did not drill the subfloor as well. The result might be not pretty and you do not really want to get into the mess. To cut the wood plank, you can use a circular saw until the thickness is appropriate. Once you have the plank, you can put the new plank into the designation position and you can fit the plan in so you know how much you need to put in it. Of course, wooden floor hole repair will take time but it is worth the process.

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