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The Ultimate Guide for Dummies: How to Replace Section of Hardwood Floor

Are you looking for the best way on how to replace section of hardwood floor? Well, it basically would be economical and easy to replace piece of hardwood flooring as long as the hardwood floor is fine shape. In this case, the steps to replace section of hardwood floor can be done by replacing a plank or strip of flooring. Fixing the buckled area of the flooring will also fix this issue as well as preventing to refinish the while floor. But as we have mentioned earlier, this step to replace section of hardwood floor can be done if those are fine shape. If it is not then you need to replace the whole flooring.

When you need to replace section of wood floor, most floors use the design of tongue and groove in order to connect the adjacent strips. This type of design will allow you to replace a single plank or strip challenging but still possible. The first thing you need to make sure when you replace piece of hardwood flooring is if there is any nail stuck in the damaged board. Once you have found one of them, you can push the nail as far as possible through the board by using nail set and hammer before you replace section of wood floor.

Steps to remove and install the wood board

You will need to do or at least consider several things before replacing hardwood floor boards. In order to make a perpendicular line across the board piece to be removed, you may need to use a carpenter’s square. Other than that, you will need a power drill and spade bit with ½-inch on diameter for a successful step replace piece of hardwood flooring. For easier removal, you can also use a wood chisel to cut the damaged board into two sheets.

The damaged board also needs to be pried out so the end joints are puzzled. Easier installation could be done if you get the sections smooth and square and you will need a wood chisel with a sharp blade. Cut the replacement board to the same length as the damaged one you had removed and the groove’s bottom side is better to be cut off too. Do not forget to test-fit the plank and once it fits you can put construction adhesive on the back of the plank. By that, you have finished your project to replace piece of hardwood flooring.

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