By Elsie Kelly / Subfloor Replacing

The Houser’s Handbook: The One Item to Get When You Are Repairing Old Wood Floors

If you are trying to find an item that can help when you are repairing old wood floors, then you are in luck, dear folks. We are here to present you with an item that will definitely help you if you are repairing old wood floors. This is an item that you can find basically anywhere thanks to how abundant it is. Not only it is abundant, most stores sell it for cheap, so you do not need to spend a lot of money when you are repairing old wood floors. It is very easy to use, too, with some even saying that a human does not need to have half a brain to use this thing. What is the thing that helps when you are repairing old wood floors in your house?

The thing that we are talking about today is sandpaper. Sandpaper is basically a sheet paper with abrasive materials glued to it. Although it is called sandpaper, the thing actually does not contain any sand whatsoever and contains instead abrasive materials such as silicon carbide or anything else that can scrape things. It is pretty cheap to get, just like what we have mentioned above, and you can use it when you are repairing old wood floors in your house. It can help you a lot if you want to repair old wood floors and it can save you a lot of money. Finding it as easy as jumping to your local home depot or material store and ask the clerk for a roll of sandpaper. If a home depot does not have sandpaper for sale, then you can be sure that home depot is not a good home depot to shop in. Get yourself sandpaper – with the correct grit size – when you are trying to repair old wood floors.

But like any other methods, it got a drawback

When you are repairing old wood floors in your house using a piece of sandpaper, you are not actually repairing it as much as you are damaging it. As you might have noticed, sandpaper has a very gritty surface. That gritty surface is what you will use when you are trying to fix scratches in wood floor. Sandpaper will make a quick for of the scratches, but it will also make quick work out of your floor. With sandpaper, you are basically ‘smoothing’ the surface of the scratched wood to make the initial scratch less prominent. If you keep using it to smooth any scratched wooden floor, you will end up with a thin floor. With a thin floor, you will have a higher chance of breaking your subfloor. If that happens, you will need to learn more about how to replace subfloor, which can get tiring if you are not particularly interested in housing fixing.

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