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Subfloor Water Damage Repair Cost and How the Contractor Works on It

Several places at home such as bathroom, laundry, and basement have a bigger risk of subfloor water damage. You have to repair the problem right away otherwise it triggers different problem such as cracking, high humidity, warping, and separating. What people are frequently asked is the subfloor water damage repair cost. Is it the same with hardwood floor repair cost? This article explains the subfloor water damage repair cost in detail. Later, you can prepare the money based on the subfloor water damage repair cost.

The list below gives you an overview of the solution if you face a subfloor water damage. Then, you can learn the subfloor water impairment repair cost. As a result, you will get a fair subfloor water impairment repair cost.

Hardwood Water Damage Repair Process

The squeaky floor repair contractor will do several steps to solve the water damage repair. The expert will remove the water first by using a mop, sponge, or vacuum before repairing the hardwood water damage. Then, they find the damages caused by water damage such as whether there is warping, cupping, buckling, or separating occurs or not. Next, they decide the best solution to repair the hardwood floor. Sometimes, they just do some simple actions such as nail the floor and screw the floors back into place. If it doesn’t work well, they will suggest you buy a new hardwood floor and replace the damaged floor.

The Hardwood Water Damage Repair Cost

Replacing the entire damaged hardwood floor is cheaper rather than repair some parts of the floors. This is because repairing the entire damaged hardwood floor is fast and easier to do. So, how much money you need to spend to hire a trusted squeaky floor repair contractor to repair the hardwood water damage? The first thing to do is measuring the damaged area first. Commonly, you have to spend around $1.45 to $7 per square foot for the material. Then, you also have to pay the labor around $27.50 per hour for 8 hours working time so at least you have to prepare around $100 to $250 for the labor. It is also important to prepare extra money to buy additional materials if it is needed and you need to spend around $20 to $50. The overall hardwood water damage repair cost is around $579 to $2.442 per project.

Things the Contractors Do to Repair the Hardwood Water Damage

The cost of the squeaky floor repair contractor covers several services. The labor will move all the appliances and furniture. They also remove flooring, subflooring, and old materials away. Then, they install or repair the subflooring and take the appliances and furniture back to the place.

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