By Elsie Kelly / Floor Water Damaged

Steps to Replace Water Damaged Wood Floor

Fix water damaged wood floor – wooden floors are suitable for those who want to bring a natural and warm look to their houses. Its natural patterns and textures add aesthetic value to the house. Moreover, there are many kinds of woods that can be used for floors. However, wooden floors can be easily damaged. This type of floor is usually damaged because of soil movement, increased temperature of cement plaster, being scratched by sharp objects, and water exposure. This is when fix water damaged wood floor is needed. In order to fix water damaged wood floor, you have to consider the installation system first.

If you experience damaged wooden floors, it is not that hard to repair water damaged wood floor. The steps are the same as repairing old hardwood floors. Follow these steps below to repair water damaged wood floor on your own.

Remove the Damaged Wooden Floor

The first simple fix water damaged wood floor is removing the damaged parts. Drill around the damaged wooden floor, then pry it by using pliers and hammer. But, make sure you do not damage the other wooden floors which are not damaged.

Remove the Adhesive Glue

The next is removing the adhesive glue. Once the damaged wooden floors are removed, you will find the remaining adhesive glue underneath. In order to do this step of simple fix water damaged wood floor, make sure you totally clean the rest of the adhesive glue.

Find the New Replacement

The third step of simple fix water damaged wood floor is finding the new replacement. In order to get the same look, find the new wooden floors that have matching colors with the old ones.

Leave the New Wooden Floor for A Day

Leave the replacement in a room for at least 24 hours. It is purposed to adjust the temperature and humidity. You will also be able to know whether the new wooden floor will expand or shrink because of the room temperature and humidity. So, make sure you do not miss this simple fix water damaged wood floor step.

Install the New Replacement

You have to know that simple fix water damaged wood floor is most likely with repair hardwood floor water damage spot. You have to apply new adhesive glue to the floor base and wait until it is hardened. Then, install the new wooden floor. Do not forget to refinish it with the same material.

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