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Replacing Wood Floor Planks: How to Patch a Hardwood Floor

Replacing wood floor planks is required when the pet stains are too deep and sanding would be enough to fix it. Other than that, you can only patch the floors once all cabinets are moved or you just remodeled the walls. Duct openings and old vent that became obsolete could also be another reason in replacing wood floor planks. It is definitely easier to replace instead of patching it, considering it would take intensive process with intensive tools and be fussy as well. However, you would need no replacing wood floor planks when the damage is pretty small. Still, replacing a damaged piece of laminate flooring could be a good alternative when patching is not enough.

So, when you need to replace damaged piece laminate flooring, it is important to start by replacing the missing subfloor. All flooring made of hardwood boards will need its subfloor because hardwood alone would not be strong enough. However, replacing a damaged piece of laminate flooring by starting from the subfloor could lead to something bigger. Replace damaged piece laminate flooring could take more than you need to remove.

What is the next step?

There will always be the right and wrong way when it comes to replacing hardwood floor boards back to the existing flooring. In order to make your work of replacing a damaged piece of laminate flooring, you need to fill the opening with different length on the lines. Other than that, if you will not use the framed patch then you need to connect the board ends just like a puzzle. You also need to keep in mind that the patches joined like fingers will need more woods, which will force you to make a plan before you jump on the boat. We will also remind you that buying woods that match your existing floorings is very important of you may end up regretting it.

The next step you need to do in the process of replacing a damaged piece of laminate flooring is removing the unwanted woods. If the area you are replacing still has some intact tongue and groove then you will need to destroy one board. By doing so, you will get enough space to pry out under the boards. Using a spade bit will help you remove the starter board especially if you drill a big hole at each side of the board. The steps might be similar to the hardwood floor spot repair for sure.

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