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Repairing Laminate Flooring Water Damage: How to Do and Avoid It?

Laminate flooring is, indeed, beautiful. Unfortunately, it is easily damaged because it is made from processed wood. However, you do not need to reconsider buying it because repairing laminate flooring water damage is pretty easy to do. The damaged piece of parquet floor can be replaced without the need to completely dismantle them. Can you repair laminate flooring? In this article, there will be some tips on preventing your parquet floor to damage, and also the tips on repairing laminate flooring water damage. But before discussing wood floor repair and refinishing, did you know that laminate floors are usually damaged due to water exposure? In repairing laminate flooring water damage, you need to pay attention to the installation system. The underlayment tongue-type and click type are interlocking, while the glue-nail system is done by giving adhesive and binding it with nails. The latter system is widely used for solid wood laminate floors which usually experience expansion shrinkage.

Repairing laminate flooring Water Damage with a Glue System

Here are seven steps of repairing wooden parquet floor with a glue system. First, you have to remove the damaged parquet floor. In order to re-attach the damaged piece of laminate floor, you need to drill around the broken part. After that, pry it with a vise and hammer. However, make sure you do not damage the surrounding part. After the parquet is released, you will find the remnants of adhesive glue underneath. That is why you should scallop adhesive under a broken parquet floor before replacing laminate flooring water damage with the new one. Remove the remnants of the glue with a scraping device. The second step of repairing laminate flooring water damage is done. The third step that you have to do well is to find the exact same type, motif, and color of the replacement floor. It is important to find the same product so that your floor will not look as if some pieces of it have been replaced. Therefore, finding matching colors is important to make the floor look the same.

The next step on how to repair damaged laminate flooring is placing the parquet in the room for at least a day. Before installing the new pieces of laminate floor, you need to keep in the room for 24 hours. This aims to adjust them with the temperature and humidity of the air. You will also find out whether the parquet will expand or shrink significantly to prevent post-installation problems and wood floor buckling repair. There are many types of wood floors that can expand and shrink easily, and what you need to do is avoid the wood floor dent repair.

The fifth step is applying adhesive. Before doing it, you have to make sure all parts of the parquet are damaged and the remnants of the adhesive are gone. Then, apply glue to the bottom of the floor and wait for a while until the glue is hardened and sticky. Finally, it’s time to install a new parquet floor. Put the new parquet with the tongue part first into the locking mouth on the parquet next to it. If the remaining parts are still hanging, watch parquet carefully using a hammer, so that they can be locked well. You have to remember that if a series of old parquet is given finishing, so is the new parquet. This wood floor finish repair needs to be done so that the color will look exactly the same. Usually, wood floors are finished using wood oil or varnish.

Howto prevent the damage

Although you have already known how to replace the damaged laminate floor, it is still good for you to know how to prevent the damage so that you do not need to bother replacing it. Here are some tips on how to maintain your laminate parquet floor.

  • Sweep regularly

Did you know that laminated wood or parquet floor is easier to absorb water and dirt than the ceramic tiles? Therefore, you have to make sure to sweep the floor regularly so that dust and dirt do not stick too long and eventually accumulate on it. In doing this, you should use a broom with soft fur or use a vacuum cleaner.

  • Mop the floor

After sweeping the floor, you can continue with mopping. But before doing that, you have to check whether or not the wood has a layer and easy to fade. If it has a waterproof coating, you can mix the wood floor cleaner with warm water. Choose only a high-quality cleaner because it will less expensive than the risk of replacing your entire floor with the new one. Add the mop and squeeze until the remaining water is only a little. Mop the floor in a circular motion, then dry it with a clean cloth. In this case, making sure that the floor has been mopped until it is completely dry is important.

  • Choose a mop with the right materials

To maintain the durability of wood floors, choose a mop that uses good quality cotton. When mopping, squeeze the mop thoroughly, do not let the cloth get too wet. After using a damp or slightly wet mop, use a mop with a clean, dry cloth. It is best to mop the floor twice, first on the mop using a damp cloth or slightly wet, and the second mop using a clean dry cloth.

  • Use a layer of rubber on the furniture

In order not to cause scratches or defects on the surface of the laminate floor, be careful when moving furniture or items. Use a layer of rubber under the furniture, especially the big one, which you cannot lift easily. Avoid moving furniture by pushing roughly because it can damage the parquet layer.

  • Use a carpet

It is okay to put the carpet on, as long as you are regularly clean and remove it. Choose a carpet with a non-slippery layer so that it is not easily displaced and causes scratches and does not make people slip because it is slippery.

  • To maintain the color of the parquet, often change the furniture

This is a necessary thing that you need to do, especially if you are living in a tropical country. Because of the sun intensity in the tropical country, the color of parquet floors can fade easily due to exposure to sunlight. Therefore, extra care needs to be done. You can do the steaming process every six months so that the color and cleanliness of the parquet is maintained.

After knowing the steps of repairing laminate flooring water damage, you no longer need to call laminate floor repair specialist. You can use your own laminate wood floor repair kit to do this cheap laminate flooring installation.

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