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How You Can Stop Wood Floor from Squeaking

Stop wood floor from squeaking – Problems on the wood floor are various, one of the most common wood floor problems is squeaking floor. This is why there are a lot of tips to stop wood floor from squeaking. So, what causes squeaky wood floors? Squeaky wood floors can be caused by a cavity between the floor and the base. Another cause of squeaky wood floors is the floor has too many loads above it. If you are facing this kind of wood floor problem, directly find out the ways to stop wood floor from squeaking.

It is important to immediately stop wood floor from creaking because this problem is able to decrease the selling value of your house. Here are the steps that you can follow how to replace subfloor and stop wood floor from creaking.

Install A Brace Between the Joist and the Subfloor

If the squeaky wood floor is caused by a loose joist and subfloor, the best way to easily stop wood floor from squeaking and remove the annoying squeaky sound is installing a brace to glue the joist and subfloor. In order to install one of the supports, attach the plate to the bottom of the floor, just below the point where the floor squeaks. Use the screws provided, or use wood screws which are small enough to fit in the frame hole.

Install Wood Shim Between the Subfloor and Joist

The second step to easily stop wood floor from squeaking is installing a wood shim between the subfloor and joist. Shim is a small and thin piece of wood used to fill a gap, correct a carpentry job, and prevent it from bubbling and squeaking. For squeaky sounds coming from small gaps, it may be easier and cheaper to repair using a shim than to use a support to fill the gap. If you find a squeaky source, but don’t see a large enough gap between the sub-floor board and the joist, buy a small package of shim and put it in the squeaky crack. Apply wood glue to the shim, then slip directly into the gap.

Install the Subfloor to the Floor

If forced, you can use a wood screw to close the squeaky gap. This repairing old wood floors method is more primitive, but in an emergency, it is powerful enough to close sub-floors and floors. Make the initial hole with the drill approximately as deep as the selected screw, you can use any wood screws, to make sure it does not penetrate the floor surface. This is the last step to easily stop wood floor from squeaking.

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