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How to Stop Wood Floors from Creaking

Stop wood floors from creaking – Creaking wood floors are surely annoying and disturbing. Creaking sounds can even decrease the selling value of a house. So, it is important to know how to stop wood floors from creaking. Fortunately, there are a bunch of easy and simple ways to stop wood floors from creaking with proper tools. The creaking wood floors are caused by the wood boards behind the floor which are rubbing each other. This repeated friction causes vibration and sound.

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By knowing the ways to stop wood floors from squeaking, you will not have any creaking wood floors anymore. Here are some ways that you can do to stop wood floors from squeaking.

Find A Joist Near the Creaking Area

This is the first step to stop wood floors from creaking. Walk on the creaking area of your wood floor until you find the exact source point. Then, find a joist near the creaking area by using a stud-finder tool. If you do not have this tool, use a hammer or other heavy tools to knock the wood floors and listen to the creaking sound. The joist will sound flatter and thinner when it is knocked, while the other side will sound deeper. In order to be sure, you can make a pilot hole by using a depth-control drill with a variety of drill speeds to ensure that you hit the joist before you install screws.

Fix the Loose Board on the Joist

The second step to stop wood floor from creaking is fixing the loose board on the joist. The drill penetrated the squeaked wood, the sub-floor, and attached both of them to the joist to overcome the squeaky floor. You will need strong wooden screws with an appropriate length. The screw length should be the same as the depth of the pilot hole that has been drilled.

Patch the Hole with Wood Putty

If you are repairing wood floors, it is important to keep the fixed point to be as clean and smooth as possible. Wood putty is very effective in patching nail holes. You are able to find it in a store building at an affordable price. Use a little bit of wood putty and smoothen the area with sandpaper for repairing old wood floors. Match the color of the wood putty with the floor’s color as similar as possible. This is the last step to stop wood floor from creaking.

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