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How to Spot and Repair Hardwood Floor Water Damage: Clever Ways to do these

Repair hardwood floor water damage spot is the topic of this article. Thankfully, it is not a challenging thing to do. It is true; doing the thing as well as hardwood floor repair damage and finishing can be easy if you understand how. When you wish to repair your floor due to any damage caused by water, there are several tips that you might want to know. In this article, you will be given several tips that allow you to fix water damaged wood floor without any significant difficulties. Well, if you wish to know more, then, make sure that you read this article to finish!

Preventing is always more affordable than repairing

The first advice that this article mentions is the fact that it is better to prevent before you have to learn how to fix damaged wood floor. You also need to be aware that every floor made of wood are coated with polyurethane and its main purpose is to keep the floor from any damage caused by both water and dirt. More so, although it is very good at protecting your floor, you still have to realize that the material is not entirely waterproof as you still need to ensure that it is in the best shape so that you do need to perform how to fix water damaged wood floor. The best way to keep it in a good shape is by using a cleaning product for the wood floor as well as a mop with microfiber. The protective layer will last longer and water would not be a threat to your floor too quickly.

How to spot water damage on the wood floor

Of course, despite rigorous attempts to maintenance and cleaning, water will always find one way or another to eventually drip into the hardwood floor and ruin it. Therefore, before you are ably repairing old hardwood floors, you should be aware of the ways to spot the damaged ones. Over time, the damage on the wood floor caused by water will become worse and it is usually too late when you have noticed a change which happens on the hardwood floor of yours.

You need to learn how to spot any damage so that you can call hardwood flooring installation companies as early as possible and the first sign is that some planks have cupping or crowning that gives a shape on the floor as a hunk since the floor will expand once it absorbs too much water. The other sign you should notice before repair hardwood floor water damage spot is the dark stains on a plank or even the larger-shaped ones across multiple pieces of floor. These stains are caused by several things with mold growing as the main cause of them, although other causes, such as color changing caused by water often happen as well.

Figure out where the water came from

If water keeps dripping into the floor without any attempts to notice it, then, the damage would be more comprehensive and your effort on how to repair damaged hardwood floors would need to be more extensive. Therefore, you will need to be able to find out the source of water leakage before you are attempting to repair the damaged floor as it would not be possible to be caused by occasional spills- they simply would not be enough to make molds to grow around the floor so that it turns colors or even to create a cup-shaped feature on the floor. To cause these kinds of damage to appear, the floor should have been exposed to moisture constantly over a significantly long time.

Often, home owners will try to find any water leakage which is caused by any water source at the outside of the house. When noticing any stains on floors, you should try to look for any leakages on the roof or the windows before performing a hardwood floor deep scratch repair. Also, it is possible that the water comes from under the sill of the door of your house.

However, although external sources are the things that most people would look for immediately after they have spotted damage on the floor, the most often cause to happen is actually caused by the water of internal sources. If your house has a water heater installed, then, figure out whether there is any leakage in one of the water flows, connectors, and valves. It would not be a difficult thing to do since most of them are situated above the floor of your house and leaking would be easy to spot.

Well, if there is an easy job, there is also a difficult job. Such a thing also applies to leakage detection since it would be significantly more challenging if the leakage comes from behind hard objects such as walls, appliances, or cabinets. Well, make sure you locate the source of leakage first before you are attempting to repair hardwood floor water damage spot.

Repairing options

If the damage on the floor is still pretty light, then, the surface can be repaired by simply sand it down, re-stain, and re-coat. Well, it is not that simple, actually, since the color of a hardwood floor may become radically different after it has been sanded down. Hiding the laps after a new finish is put on a repaired spot is not easy as well since the coatings will prevent the repaired floor to be evenly constructed.

If the damage is too extensive, then, the only option available is to replace the floor altogether. Finding out companies which know how to patch hardwood floor is a good idea since not everyone is capable of this. To put it simply, replacing the floor is a labor-extensive task and it requires way too much time to accomplish. Finding a new set of planks is difficult since matching ones with the previous planks are tricky. Besides, putting new planks means ensuring that every new one should have the proper size as the previous ones. Well, those were the things to know regarding how to repair hardwood floor water damage spot!

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