By Elsie Kelly / Floor Water Damaged

How to Repair Damaged Hardwood Floors

How to repair damaged hardwood floors? Maybe, the first option comes to your mind is calling the repair service. However, there is actually a chance for you to do it yourself even without any experiences. Well, the ways how to repair damaged hardwood floors are actually quite easy. There are some methods to try. If you are doing them carefully, the results are neater and it looks like they have not damaged before. So, how to repair damaged hardwood floors? Here they are.

Using Glue or Nails

This method is considered the easiest among all. To fix broken wooden tiles using the method, you only need to prepare glue, nails, and hammer. First of all, release the broken tile from the floor. If you think the damage is severe, it means you should replace it with a new one. Meanwhile, if the broken is not too bad, you can just connect them only using the glue. Next, fix the broken wooden tiles by placing the new tile on the area using glue. To make it stronger and tighter, use nails on the corner of the tiles. Sure, it is how to repair damaged hardwood floors easily without spending too much money.

Creating Your Own Tile

In the method mentioned above, the wooden tile must have been provided before. You can get them by buying only one piece on the store. There is an alternative for this; it is by creating the tile by you. Make sure to prepare a piece of wood with the same colors and fiber patterns. Cut it off with the same sizes as other pieces but you should add some more centimeters with thinner width. Next, release another tile next to the damaged one. Place the main tile first and then follow with the second tile with a position; the tile is above the tongue. How to repair damaged hardwood floors this way is more difficult. But the result is neater anyway.

Painting the Floor

Use only a piece of wood to replace the damaged tile. Make sure that it is on the same size as others. Well, how is if the colors are different? It is so easy; you can just paint them all entirely. Sure, if it doesn’t work, you can go to the services for the hardwood floor repair and refinishing or repair hardwood floor water damage spot. So, do you want to apply this method of how to repair damaged hardwood floor?

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