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How to Fix Various Scratches in Wood Floors

Scratches in wood floor are pretty hard to be prevented, even though you are already being so careful. This is why tips of fix scratches in wood floor are needed. The scratches are mostly caused by furniture, pets, and many more. But the beautiful appearance of the wood floor can be easily returned if you know how to fix scratches in wood floor. It depends on how severe the scratches are. Using several simple steps of fix scratches in wood floor, you will be able to fix or at least make the scratches faded.

There are many easy ways to how to replace subfloor. For you who want to know about how to repair scratches in wood floor, here are the easy steps that you can follow.

How to Fix Light Scratches in Wood Floor

If the scratches in your wood floor the first step you have to do to easily fix scratches in wood floor is cleaning the scratched area. Use a soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth with a little bit of a wood floor cleaner to remove contaminants in the scratched area. All dust and dirt particles must be cleaned from the scratched area in your wood floor so that they will not be there when you apply a layer of sealant.
The next step to easily fix scratches in wood floor is rinsing the residue of the wood floor cleaner. Once the scratched area is cleaned, take another cloth and damp it with water. Rub the scratched area with it in order to dry the residue of the cleaner. Let it dry before you go to the next step. Then, you can apply the wood floor coating. Use a small brush to apply a thin layer of protective paint to the scratched area on your wood floor. This coating can be a sealant or other polyurethane varnishes. It will be better if you use the same coating with the old coating you already used.

How to Fix Severe Scratches in Wood Floor

Just like fixing light scratches, you have to clean the scratched area first as the first step to easily fix scratches in wood floor and let it dry. Then, if your wood floor is coated with polyurethane, use Mineral Spirit to remove it first. If it is not, you can skip this step. Patch the scratched area with a little bit of wood filler. Let it dries and smoothen it with sandpaper.

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