By Elsie Kelly / Subfloor Replacing

How to Do a Small Wood Floor Gouge Repair without Calling the Repairmen In?

Hiring a repairman to do a house maintenance job is such a very expensive thing to do, especially if you ask the repairman to work with a delicate material such as wood. That is why you need to be able to do a small wood floor gouge repair without having to dial the repairman’s number on the phone. Before you have any preconception about how hard the thing is, let us reassure you that it would not. A small wood floor gouge repair is not a hard thing to do provided you have the materials, the knowledge, and the time to do it. Time and materials are not something that we can guarantee you, but we can surely tell you the ways to do a wood floor gouge repair easily. Knowledge is, after all, the most important thing to have when you are doing a wood floor gouge repair. If you have the time and the material yet you lack the know-how on how to use the two, they would just go to waste, no?

Some people recommend using putty to close the gouge down and to make sure that the surface of your wooden floor is smooth. To this people we say congratulations because you have just imparted the most obvious solution to repair gouged wooden floor. It is the most obvious solution and the easiest to do because all you have to do is to find yourself a store that sells a wood putty, mix that putty up with a stain, and then spread the putty unto the gouged wood. It will help you do a wood floor gouge repair easily and it definitely works as a method to repair gouged wooden floor. It might not be a very expensive method to do, but a wood putty is still a commodity that needs to be bought. Our method here would require you not to spend a single dime at all.

In fact, you will only be needing a few drops of water (and perhaps a clothes iron)

And you all got to do is to just drop a few drops of water on top of the small gouge. By doing that, the wood will then swell around the drop and the gouge would then go away pretty quickly. If you are an impatience kind of dude or dudette, you can use the clothes iron to hasten the process. This is a proven method if you or your closest ones want to do a wood floor gouge repair easily. It takes a bit of your time and would probably not cost you a lot of greens. Sometimes, you can also fix scratches in wood floor using this method, too. Would not help you a bit if you are trying to find a way on how to replace subfloor though because subflooring is on a very different level when it comes to fixing difficulty.

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