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How to Do a Hardwood Floor Gouge Repair Without Breaking The Bank Too Much

You can pay a lot of money to have that gouge repaired, but they can actually find a way to do a hardwood floor gouge repair without having to spend a lot of money. If you have read our article on hardwood floor repair cost, you would surely know that it is not cheap for you to do a hardwood floor gouge repair. The repair cost can get pretty high, and that thing can be very bad if you do not any money to do a hardwood floor gouge repair. Lucky for you, we got a handy guide for you to follow if you want to do a hardwood floor gouge repair without spending money (or at least too much of it).

Youcan try scraping the gouge

The cheapest method we got here. You might need to buy a paste wax to do this, so saying this method is a method to do a hardwood floor gouge repair without spending money would be a lie. We can tell that this method is a proven method to make a hardwood floor gouge reparation, though. Many folks have tried this method to do a hardwood floor gouge reparation and most people are fine with it. Might not ‘fix’ the problem entirely, but at the very least it makes the hardwood floor better-looking. Definitely will not work if you are trying to repair hardwood floor finish.

Nota fix again, but colouring the gouge can mask the damage

Ashallow gouge is a venue in which you can be creative in closing it,so why not take the simple step and just colour the gouge to matchthe colour of the wood you are using? Replacing it with a brand newwood can be expensive, and if you want to avoid having to pay toomuch of a cost, you can definitely skip buying a new piece of woodand buy a colouring pen instead. Colouring pens are so cheap you arebasically doing a hardwoodfloor gouge repair without spending any money.

Lastly,you can try wood putty

Thismethod works especially for a deep gouge. Wood putty is basically afilling made out of plastic, so it would not be as expensive asreplacing the gouged wood with a new one. A bottle of wood putty willonly cost you a few dollars, so you do not have to worry about itbreaking the bank. You can do a hardwoodfloor gouge repair easily withit too as the popular brands come with an easy to follow instruction.

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