By Elsie Kelly / Laminate Flooring

How to Deal with Wood Floor Dent Repair on Prefinished Floors

Many times the homeowners should be dealing with wood floor dent repair and it could be pretty expensive to purchase the factory-finished hardwood flooring planks. It could be such a nightmare when you got scratches or had to deal with wood floor dent repair during the installation. Wood floor dent removal can be done in several ways but if you do not want to deal with the hassles then you can call a professional to finish the job. Still, you have the option to make the wood floor dent repair task as a DIY project. Completing the task of wood floor dent repair on your own will save you a huge amount of money for sure.

Before you start the project of wood floor dent removal, you will need several things. In order to repair dent in wood floor, you better prepare some cotton swabs, clear floor finish, and a 0000-series of steel wool. After that, you can also prepare floor wax, masking tape, sanding paper in 120-grit, palm sander, and wood filler. Those things will help you to finish the DIY project of repair dent in wood floor. Some shallow scratches can be temporarily fixed by applying mineral oil on the dents.

Steps to remove dents and scratches

It would be much simpler if you call the laminate floor repair specialist but you will be asked to pay them. But if you want to take care of the wood floor dent removal project then you can start by assessing the scratch depth and note each orientation. The floor finish can be applied by using a cotton swab. After that, you can apply the steel wool after the coat is dry and you can add more of it if the scratch is still visible. A small amount of floor wax can be applied after that and you should put the steel wool to buff the wax.

If the scratches are deep enough like repairing laminate flooring water damage, you can use wood filler so the color will match the color of the floor in order to disguise the scratches. Other than that, you can sand the surface in the first place if the scratches are much deeper. You can always use more wood filler. And you need to mask the unaffected areas with masking tape and this is the end section of wood floor dent removal which you can follow if you do not want to hire a professional.

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