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Home Guides: How to Spot Repair Hardwood Floor Finish

In some cases, you will need to know the steps on how to spot repair hardwood floor finish. Your wood floor may look great but once it got damaged right on the floorboard then everything would be ruined. Still, you are on the right page because we will show you steps on replacing damaged laminate flooring planks. Basically, even a problematic hardwood plank issue can be repaired even with spot repair hardwood floor finish without replacing the whole floorings. The installation method and flooring type will determine the steps on the spot repair hardwood floor finish.

In this article, we will split the steps on replacing damaged pieces laminate flooring according to its type of wood. There are two types of wood flooring such as engineered wood floorings and solid wood floorings. As we have mentioned earlier, the steps on replacing damaged laminate flooring planks depend on the installation method and the flooring type. On the other hand, the location of the damage would also affect the procedure you need to take. This is also applicable for hardwood floor dent repair. Just keep reading this article and you will find any information you need to know related to replacing damaged pieces laminate flooring.

How to spot repair the floor and how much it costs

So, if you are using engineered wood flooring then you can immediately cut the damaged boards. The process of replacing damaged laminate flooring planks would be much easier compared to the solid wood flooring. Commonly, engineered hardwood floorings consist of planks with tongue and groove just like puzzles. In order to replace the plank, you will need to remove the tongue in the first place so you can fit the new one with the existing floors. On the other hand, you will need to use nails and hammer if you are going to replace solid wood floorings. It does not matter where the location of the damage is after all.

When it comes to the cost of replacing damaged laminate flooring planks, commonly it costs USD 50 up to USD 75 per plank no matter you will replace nailed or glued floorboards. If you can do it yourself then it would cost less. Just make sure that you are not getting too deep into the underlayment because you will not like the rest of the consequences you need to face. And this is the end section of replacing hardwood floor boards.

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