By Elsie Kelly / Subfloor Replacing

About Wood Floor Filler Repair You Should Know

It does not matter how careful you are in maintaining your wood floor, scratches, dents, and any other damages can happen to your wood floor. But it does not mean you have to avoid using wood materials for your floor. There are a lot of various ways to repair damages in the wood floor, including wood floor filler repair. Previously, as we discuss on how to replace subfloor on this section, what we get? However, if your wood floor is severely damaged, you are not suggested to fix it with wood floor filler repair. Using wood floor filler repair for a large job is usually not recommended for some factors.

In order to increase your success rate in repairing your wood floor, it will be better if you figure out first the characteristics of wood materials you use before doing wood floor filler fixing. Here is some information that you must know about wood floor filler fixing.

Wood Fillers Do not Fill Gaps Permanently

The first wood floor filler repair information is that wood fillers are not able to permanently fill gaps. Wood fillers are able to fill anything, but just temporarily. Such as the gaps that run parallel to the long edges of your wood floor. The size of the gaps will change all year and wood fillers are not elastic enough to shrink or expand to perfectly and permanently fill the gaps. Eventually, it will break up and ruin the appearance of your wood floor. The wood fillers will stay there in the gaps and dirt your wood floor. Honestly, opened gaps are better than dirty and poorly filled gaps.

Wood Filler is not A Substitute for A Board Replacement

This is the second wood floor filler repair information, especially how to fix wooden floor. Wood materials have grains. On the other hand, wood filler does not have any. So that if you use wood filler to repair large areas of your wood floor, it will look like a big blob. It will not look like a wood material which surrounds it, even when the wood filler takes on the colors of the stain of finishing you use. You are able to smoothen it with sandpaper. Coat the spots if you have to keep the finishing to avoid it from getting too thick. However, do not even think about leveling your hardwood floor with wood filler. The larger the area of your wood floor you fill with wood filler, the more it will shrink. Moreover, you also must apply the wood filler gradually.

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