By Elsie Kelly / Subfloor Replacing

A Newbie’s Guidebook to Floor Fixing: Squeaky Wood Floor Repair Made Easy

Doing a squeaky wood floor repair is not something that is too hard to achieve, no. On the other hand, it is one of the easiest things when we are talking about wooden floor fixing (we got an article that will tell you how to patch cement floor, too). All you need to have is a bit of diligence, a touch of know-how, and a LOT of patience because you will encounter newbie problems. Only when you got all of them covered that you can manage to do a squeaky wood floor repair flawlessly. If you have not got them all, then be prepared to learn about squeaky wood floor repair because that is what you will be mostly doing and what is we will impart upon you in today’s article. Because time is a precious commodity, let us start with this guide on how to make a squeaky wood floor repair.

To get on with this guide, you will be needing several tools. These tools will help you when you are trying to fix creaky floorboard. Most of these tools are tools that you can easily find in the store if you want to do a squeaky wood floor repair flawlessly, so you do not have to be afraid that you will be needing Thor’s hammer or something. The tools that you will be needing are a utility knife (because a utility knife serves a lot of purposes, with floor fixing being one of them), a nail set (to nail your board to the subfloor), and a hammer (unless you can nail board using your hands, of course). Not only that, you will also be needing wood shims, construction adhesive, and scrap wood. These six things are mandatory if you want to fix creaky floorboard, so go get them now if you have not got them all with you.

Now for the actual steps

First things first, you got to know where the squeaks are coming from. Find the source of the squeaking sound first before you do anything else because how else are you going to make a squeaky wood floor repair flawlessly unless you know where the squeaks are coming from, eh?  Next, you have to slide the shim into the gap. It is a very easy thing to do, with you needing only to slide the shim in. When that is done, all you got to do is to fasten the floor to the subfloor. This is also a simple thing to do: just get a screw and screw the floor and the subfloor together using the utility knife we mentioned earlier (if you accidentally broke the subfloor, we got a handy guide on how to replace subfloor).

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