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Thank you for your interest in HP Middleware. The Middleware product suite has been withdrawn from marketing, is now handled under the HP Software Services Encore Program and is no longer available for download from this location. These products are obsolete and any reference to J2EE compatibility, compliance, or relationship to Sun whatsoever is no longer applicable. If you have a Middleware requirement and need assistance, please feel free to contact Meredith Andruszka, HP Encore Services Program Manager, directly at 856.638.6139

hp application server is ...

providing an integrated stack of service-oriented middleware for voice and data web services.
arming web services developers with the tools they need for developing, composing, deploying, integrating and managing web services.
interested in reducing customer costs – the ones associated with developing and deploying web services.

what people are saying about hp-as ...

"HPAS 8.0 has only been available for a few days when I write this so I can not say I have extensively tested it but I have done the trail maps and explored the internals (which uses the cool CSF) and I have to say I am pretty amazed at what they have pushed out with this release."

"If you check it out be sure to get the RadPak dev/deploy tool. RadPak enables you to create war/ejb jars/ear files very easily, and deploy them to remote hosts using the built in JMX connector. RadPak gens the web.xml (and/or) ejb-jar.xml, and has a nice interface for customizing all the various properties like method permissions, transaction etc. You can still deploy webapps/wars/ejb jars/ears w/o RadPak by modifiying the j2ee CSF service cfg file, which is very easy."

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mobile toolkit for hp-as is now available !!

The Mobile Toolkit for HP-AS is a collection of components that help developers create applications that deliver real-time, personalized information in a secure environment to any device. The toolkit includes insightful trail maps complete with sample applications and reusable reference implementations of wireless Personal Information Management (PIM) components, along with a bundled WAP gateway, JMS client, and phone emulators. All of the source code for the trail maps and the PIM components is provided, giving insight into the architecture. Most importantly, the Mobile Toolkit is founded on HP Application Server (HP-AS).

» mobile toolkit faq (388KB .pdf)
» mobile toolkit brochure (97KB .pdf)

product information

» hp-as product faq
» hp-as product brief (88KB .pdf)
» hp-as spec sheet (210KB .pdf)
» hp-as technical faq (36KB .pdf)


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» technical guide (3.17MB .pdf)
» developer's guide (2.46MB .pdf)
» administrator's guide (2.74MB .pdf)
» performance tuning guide (1.5MB .pdf)
» total-e-server migration guide (268KB .pdf)
» ejb tutorials (1.85MB .pdf)

white papers

» hp-as 8.0 white paper (586KB .pdf)
» hp-as toplink integration white paper(375 KB .pdf)

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what makes hp-as different from other application servers?

HP-AS was built, "from the ground up," on a completely standards-based, modular architecture and provides developers with the unprecedented ability to "pick-and-choose" only the specific services they want or need. This allows a software developer to leverage the knowledge and effort of experienced developers and/or avoid recreating components to common software design requirements. HP-AS provides the core set of services that service-based applications require, including naming and directory, management, logging, and security services.

Service centric application servers also remove the current complexities of developing service-based applications and allow developers to easily integrate Java services and APIs into new and existing applications. This gives developers the ability, as new standards emerge, to integrate and leverage new technologies faster and to build application solutions quickly and easily.

HP-AS provides true linear scalability, fault tolerance, and support for both hot deployment and "Hot Versioning" so revisions and additions can be made dynamically without any required downtime.

what is the difference between hp-as and total-e-server?

With its revolutionary service-oriented architecture, HP Application Server (HP-AS) represents a generational leap in the J2EE application server marketplace. Unlike its predecessors in the market, HP-AS' flexible new 3rd-generation architecture is completely component, or service, based. This enables services to plug in, describe and advertise themselves to the other services in the system, as well as recognize, engage, and utilize the other services that are plugged in.

This plug & play flexibility enables developers to extract and use only the services they require, which in turn allows their applications to more accurately and efficiently serve their specific needs. Moreover, this next-generation platform ensures that applications and solutions that are built upon it can evolve along with critical technologies and enhancements to J2EE, providing a needed fixed point of platform stability for customers and serving as their basis for years to come.
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