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3 Ways for the Squeak Hardwood Floor Repair

Squeak hardwood floor repair, how is it? Believe it or not, you actually don’t need to call the repair service for this problem. There are some easy solutions to do and the tools used are just available around you. In fact, the squeak hardwood floor repair can be done in minutes and you can just see that the result is satisfying. After that, you can enjoy walking on the floor without the annoying sound. So, what are the methods for the squeaky hardwood floor repair? Here they are.

Pieces of Woods in the Gaps

Particularly for the second-floor noisy wooden tiles repair, you can minimize the sound by inserting a piece of wood between the gaps. You only need to be on the first floor with a stair and then put the wooden piece. Sure, before that, you should observe first from where the noise comes from before do this noisy wooden tiles repair. It is really cheap and easy of course. More importantly, make sure that the piece can be inserted well in the gap. So, are you interested to do this easy squeak hardwood floor repair?

Wooden Construction Adhesive

Well, the method mentioned above is indeed only temporary. But you should not worry; there is still the other way for the cheap squeak hardwood floor repair with more permanent result. It is by using the construction adhesive especially for wood. Fascinatingly, it is good for all types of gaps whether it is short or long. You should repair it on the first floor. Using the stairs, smear the adhesive glue on the gap area until it is closed entirely. Wait it for some minutes until you find the glue is dry. Then, you can just check it whether the squeak has been gone or not. If there is, you can repeat the process one more time.


Unfortunately, not all the adhesive glue has attached the gaps permanently. There are some factors that get rid of the glue including water and continuous movement. To solve this problem, there is one more way for sure. Use the screw to tighten the gaps. This method is effective mainly if the gap is quite big and long. After this squeak hardwood floor repair method, the floor can even be directly used. Of course, if this last method cannot work well, it is better to call the service for the less hardwood floor repair cost and refinishing hardwood floor gouge repair.

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