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3 Types of Screws to Fix Squeaky Floors

What are the screws to fix squeaky floors? Certain types of the floor are often squeaky if the placement is not proper. Well, the hardwood floor is one of them anyway. Sure, to make it better, you should better tighten the placement. One of them is by connecting the tiles and floors using the screws. There are some types of screws to fix squeaky floors for sure. Interestingly, many of them can just be simply in the stores. Here are the screws to fix squeaky floors you should know. Check them out.

Hex Screw

First, there is a hex screw that is basically functioned to connect between woods or between the wood and metal. It is a kind of recommended bolts to repair sonant tiles mainly if the tiles are made from both hardwood and lightwood. How to use these screws to fix squeaky floors is really easy. The tiles can just be placed as usual and use the bolt to connect the tile with the cemented floor behind it. Use the right screwdriver for the best results. You can apply some hex bolts to repair sonant tiles if needed so that the tiles are really neat and tight.

Screws for Wooden Tiles

Similar to the hex screw, this type is also the recommended screws to fix squeaky floors made from woods. The difference is that the screws are to connect only the tiles. The shapes are smaller and thinner so that it is not simply seen once it has been installed. The process to use it is also quite difficult. There are additional tools to make the screws are not seen in the end. Commonly, this type of screws along with the methods is used by the experienced ones. The screws are still divided into some sub-types. The sub-types are used for different types of wood. Some of them are for lightwoods like pines and cypress. Meanwhile, the screws with smoother spring are used for a hardwood like mahogany.

Lag Bolt

Lag Bolt is still for the woods and it is suggested for the wooden tiles. These types of long screws to fix squeaky floors have a bigger diameter. It tends to make the connection stronger and tighter indeed. But if you are not careful, it may damage the wood, in that case, the tile. So, if you are not experienced enough, it is better to call the service to reduce the hardwood floor repair cost. Meanwhile, the screw is also commonly used for the hardwood floor gouge repair.

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